Tour in May20 Feb 2018
In May we will be going on tour in Austria, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands together with Shade Empire (FIN), Soulline (SUI) and Ignea (UKR)

Christmas time is concert time30 Nov 2017
New vinyl releases16 Oct 2017
You can now pre-order the albums "Submit" from 1995 and "There's Something Rotten... In The State Of Denmark" from 1997 on vinyl in several limited editions.

Release date is December 8th 2017.

New t-shirts29 Sept 2017
A couple of new t-shirt designs are now available in the shop

Kokaiinum on vinyl10 Mar 2017
You can now pre-order the 2001 cult classic Kokaiinum on vinyl. It's available on black vinyl, white vinyl and a really cool "cocaine" black/white vinyl (you can't snort it, sorry...).

Release date is April 28th 2017.

New booking agency10 Mar 2017
We are now a part of The Flaming Arts Agency. We are thrilled to see what the future will bring.

Beanies!!!7 Feb 2017
Beanies are back in stock in new colors. Find them in the store

Vinyl release of "Grey Sky Over Black Town"26 Sept 2016
"Grey Sky Over Black Town" will finally be released on vinyl on December 16th. You can now pre-order your copy in our official webshop.

· 180g heavy vinyl
· Special high dynamics vinyl master by Tue Madsen
· Heavy 350g cover with matte inside-out print
· Heavy matte high quality printed insert
· Handnumbered limited editions

Available versions:
· Clear/grey/black splatter vinyl (100 copies)
· Grey vinyl (250 copies)
· Black vinyl (150 copies)

Click here to order!

Happy birthday!19 June 2016
Happy birthday "Burn Me Wicked" - 10 years old today!

New lyric video online01 May 2016
A lyric video for the track "Your Darkest Son", the second track of our upcoming album "Grey Sky Over Black Town". Enjoy.

New song online04 Apr 2016
There you go, the first track "Again" off our upcoming album "Grey Sky Over Black Town"

Pre-order "Grey Sky Over Black Town"23 Mar 2016
You can now pre-order the new album and a limited t-shirt at our official webstore.

Follow this link to the webstore!

Album title and cover artwork08 Mar 2016
Here it is! The front cover artwork for our upcoming, crushing album "Grey Sky Over Black Town". Once again it's created by Lasse Hoile.

The album will be released on May 27th via Massacre Records.

New T-shirt design27 Nov 2015

This new t-shirt will be in stock in week 51 (December 14 -> 18). Pre-orders can be placed at:

New album in the making15 Oct 2015
Since our last tour in November 2014, we have been in songwriting mode. Thirteen new songs are ready, and we are currently giving them a finishing touch before entering the studio in a couple of months. Once again, we've picked the Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark, with Tue Madsen behind the desk.
The new album will be quite different from anything we've made before. It will be fast, brutal and even have some black metal influences now and then - but still with the classic ILLDISPOSED heaviness and subwoofer on top.

25th anniversary in 20169 July 2015
Illdisposed was formed in 1991. In 2016 Danish death metal veterans will mark their 25th anniversary. In order to celebrate this milestone in the band’s career they will record a new album and play several extensive shows with material never performed live before. Not only will the shows contain songs from the first albums but also classics from Kokaiinum, 1-800 Vindication and Burn Me Wicked will be a part of this celebration. The forthcoming album will be the 14th album since their debut "Four Depressive Seasons” (1993).

Metal Attack Festival cancelled20 May 2015
The "Metal Attack" festival in Bremen on July 4th has been cancelled by the promoter.

"Four Depressive Seasons" vinyl release23 Jan 2015
Our debut album "Four Depressive Seasons" will be released on vinyl in April 2015. Pre-order your copy at


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