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“Reveal Your Soul For The Dead” is the 15th studio album from Denmark’s biggest death metal export, Illdisposed. It consists of 11 crushing songs going from the heaviest ground shaking parts over midtempo groove and melody to up-tempo grind blasts. All held together by the unique subwoofer vocals of Bo Summer. The massive sound is mixed by sonic sound-smith Dan Swanö, giving the album just the right in-your-face expression. The album will be available as Digipak CD and gatefold vinyl LP.

Reveal Your Soul For The Dead

Since the beginning of the 90's Illdisposed have been one of the top bands of the Nordic death metal scene and have released 15 albums. Not denying their death metal roots their brand new offering "Reveal Your Soul For The Dead" will meet all expectations. However, Illdisposed have also developed their own form of death metal with groovy rhythms, melodic but still hard hitting riffs and a massive wall of sound with a unique subwoofer vocal in focus.

The experience gained from the production of 15 albums and the band's numerous shows all over Europe and as far away as New Zealand says it all: Illdisposed know what it's all about.

Over the years their success has not just been restricted to the metal scene: The last seven albums entered the official Danish album charts at position 85, 58, 44, 32, 78, 78 and 60 which made Illdisposed the first Danish death metal band with such high chart entries. The video to "Still Sane" was the most wanted metal video on VIVA Plus for two weeks and the track "Dark" was featured on the soundtrack to the horror blockbuster SAW.

In the fall of 2009 Illdisposed headlined the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour in Denmark. Numerous headlining- and co-headlining tours have been played all over Europe.

Not just scene experts should have recognized the name Illdisposed as a firm synonym for "finest metal quality" by now "Reveal Your Soul For The Dead" will most certainly secure the Danes a top position of the European metal scene!

Career highlights:

· 15 albums released since 1993 on Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast, Diehard Music, AFM Records and Massacre Records
· 7 albums in the official Danish album charts
· More than 10 award nominations
· The track "Dark" was featured on the soundtrack to the horror blockbuster "SAW"
· The video "Still Sane" was the most wanted on VIVA Plus
· Numerous headlining tours in Europe and as far away as New Zealand
· Co-headlining tours in Europe with Six Feet Under and Holy Moses
· The 2nd Danish band ever to have played in New Zealand. The 1st was Aqua!


2019Reveal Your Soul For The Dead (Release date: August 23)
2016Grey Sky Over Black Town
2014With The Lost Souls On Our Side
2012Sense The Darkness
2011There is light... (but it's not for me)
2009To Those Who Walk Behind Us
2008The Prestige
2006Burn Me Wicked
20041-800 Vindication
1997There's Something Rotten... In The State Of Denmark
1994Return From Tomorrow
1993Four Depressive Seasons

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