Drummer replacement17 Oct 2014
Our drummer Kim Jensen has left us for family reasons. Kim and his girlfriend got a son earlier this year, thus he can't find the time to tour with us.
Copenhagen based drummer Rasmus Schmidt (ex Corpus Mortale) will take his place at our upcoming tour in Europe. We have already played one successful show with Rasmus in Denmark earlier this month. To begin with, Rasmus will step in as a session drummer. Then we'll see how everything's turning out after the tour.

Tour in November13 Oct 2014
We'll be touring seven countries next month with two support acts: EpitomE (GER) and Zonaria (SWE)

"Burn Me Wicked" vinyl release10 Oct 2014
Our 2006 album "Burn Me Wicked" will be released on vinyl on November 24th. Pre-order your copy at www.heartburn.dk

Free show at Voxhall21 Aug 2014
On September 6th we will play a free show at the 15th anniversary party at Voxhall in Aarhus, Denmark. Come and join the party, we will be on stage at 10 pm.

Click here for more info

Chart entry8 July 2014
"With The Lost Souls On Our Side" has entered the official Danish album charts at position #60. The is the seventh album in a row entering the official Danish album chart.

"1-800 Vindication" vinyl release7 May 2014
Our highly acclaimed 2004 album "1-800 Vindication" will finally be released on vinyl on June 27th. Pre-order your copy at www.heartburn.dk

New track online26 Apr 2014

Tracklisting16 Apr 2014
The tracklisting for our upcoming "With The Lost Souls On Our Side" album:

01. Going Down
02. The Way We Choose
03. Light In The Dark
04. I Am What I Am
05. Tugging At Your Heart
06. A Dreaded Pursuer
07. To Be Dealt With
08. On A Clouded Morning
09. No More Devil To Show
10. The Plan
11. Life Equals Zero *bonus track on limited digipak
12. Reversed *bonus track on limited digipak

The bonus tracks are re-recorded versions of songs originally appearing on our 1992 album "Four Depressive Seasons".

Album title and cover artwork01 Apr 2014
The cover artwork for our upcoming album "With The Lost Souls On Our Side" is - once again - created by Lasse Hoile. The album will be released on June 27th by Massacre Records.

We're in the studio10 Feb 2014
We're back at the Antfarm Studio to record our upcoming album. Here's a photo of Kim's drum-setup in the swimming pool at the Antfarm. Once again, Tue Madsen is behind the desk.

New album in 201427 Nov 2013
We have extended our deal with Massacre Records and are currently working on new songs. The as-yet-untitled album will be released medio 2014.

New booking agency20 Oct 2013
We are now on the roster of Nuclear Blast Touring agency.

New drummer17 Oct 2013
Here he is - please welcome our new drummer Kim Langkjær Jensen! Many of you may already know Kim since he has been replacing Thomas at most of our 2013 shows.

Thomas leaves Illdisposed08 Oct 2013
We are sorry to say that saturday last week (October 5th) Thomas Jensen announced his departure from ILLDISPOSED. Thomas has been beating the drums for us for more than 10 years, but somehow lost his motivation to go on. We wish Thomas all the best for the future.

A short statement from Thomas: "I want to thank the band for 12 great years. And I want to express my gratitude to all the nice people and bands I've met along the way. I wish Illdisposed all the best for their future."

A new drummer will be announced soon.

Video clip / Summer Breeze 201320 Aug 2013

Fan filmed footage / Copenhell 201320 Jun 2013

Tour The Darkness - May 201310 Apr 2013
Presented by: Legacy, My Revelations, Earshot.at, Own Blood Magazine, StormBringer.at

2 new shows in Denmark06 Feb 2013
March 1st - Aarhus @ Radar
March 2nd - Esbjerg @ Konfus

New video06 Jan 2013
Directed by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie - www.eftemie.com

Summer Breeze 201313 Dec 2012
We're confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air on the 15th - 17th of August in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. Further info at summer-breeze.de

New bassplayer22 Nov 2012
May we introduce our new bassplayer. He goes by the name of Kussen. That's Danish for "The Cunt".

Unfortunately Jonas couldn't find the time to keep up with our activities anymore.

Copenhell 201307 Nov 2012
We're confirmed for Copenhell Open Air on the 14th and 15th of June in Copenhagen, Denmark. Further info at copenhell.dk

Award nomination06 Nov 2012
Sense The Darkness is nominated for the GAFFA Award 2012 in the category "Danish hard rock album of the year". Further info and votation here. (In Danish only)

Chart entry18 Oct 2012
Sense The Darkness entered the official chart in Denmark at position No. 78 in its first week of release.

Limited cheap download07 Sep 2012
From September 21st till 23rd you can download "Sense The Darkness" for just 5 Euro at Amazon

Release party and concert07 Sep 2012

Song preview01 Aug 2012

New album details22 May 2012
Our new album "Sense The Darkness" will be released by Massacre Records on September 21st 2012.

The song titles are (in no particular order):

Sense The Darkness
We Do This Alone
The Poison
Eyes Popping Out
Another Kingdom Dead
Time To Dominate
She's Undressed
Never Compromise
Stop Running
I Am Possessed
Too Blind To See

The cover artwork is created by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie:

In the studio21 May 2012
We're in the studio at the moment, working on our upcoming album "Sense The Darkness".

Photos by Palle Schultz

Tour in May10 Apr 2012

New digital release: "The best of ILLDISPOSED 2004-2011"28 Feb 2012
On April 6th we will release "The best of ILLDISPOSED 2004-2011" via Massacre Records. It will be a digital-only release.


1. Your Own Best Companion
2. Heaven Forbid
3. Rape
4. I Believe In Me
5. Dark
6. Still Sane
7. For the Record
8. To Those Who Walk Behind Me
9. Case Of The Late Pig
10. Throw Your Bolts
11. When You Scream (Remix) (Bonus Track)
12. Throw Your Bolts (Live) (Bonus Track)

Hughes & Kettner vs. Illdisposed20 Jan 2012
We welcome our new partner: The Hughes & Kettner company. We are now endorsing the Coreblade guitar amplifier head - the flagship of Hughes & Kettner's line of high-end tube amps. You can experience it at our upcoming shows and on our next album.

Photos / Essen Turock02 Nov 2011
A bunch of snapshots from our show at Turock in Essen, Germany - watch them at www.live-frenzy.de

Roadrunner's creepiest album covers01 Nov 2011
The cover for our 2004 album "1-800 Vindication" is among Roadrunner's "creepiest album covers". Watch the exclusive report at Roadrunnerrecords.com

Photos / Copenhagen24 Oct 2011
Photos from the show @ The Rock on 30.9.2011 - watch them at Jacobdinesen.net

Last 2 shows of 201117 Oct 2011
Thank you to everybody incl. the other bands for showing up at the tour. Our last 2 shows of 2011 will be:

29.10 - Circle Pit Festival (Heimersheim, Germany)
03.11 - Aalborg Metal Festival (Aalborg, Denmark)

Fernandes Guitars / Ken Holst10 Aug 2011
Ken Holst is now endorsed by Fernandes Guitars. Check out their instruments at our upcoming shows or at their website: www.fernandesguitars.com

Guitarist replacement18 Jul 2011
Illdisposed have parted ways with guitarplayer Franz Hellboss, he is now replaced by "smukke" Ken Holst who has been playing the past two shows with the band. All the best to Franz and his family in the future.

October tour20 Jun 2011
The booking of our 2 weeks tour in October has begun. The first shows are already confirmed, check the SHOWS section for details.

Danish album chart12 Apr 2011
There is light (but it's not for me) entered the official Danish album chart at position no. 78. It's our 5th album in a row entering the chart.

New reviews17 Mar 2011
A new review of There is light (but it's not for me) is now online at Rockfreaks.net and 2 in German at Powermetal.de and metal-aschaffenburg.de

New song online21 Feb 2011
The track "Heaven Forbid" taken off our upcoming album There is light (but it's not for me) is now online at myspace.com/illdisposed

Tracklist14 Feb 2011
The tracklist for There is light (but it's not for me) is now available in the Releases section.

New release date04 Feb 2011
The release of There is light (but it's not for me) for Europe, North America and Canada is pushed back one week till April 1st.

Cover artwork31 Jan 2011
We can finally introduce the front cover artwork for There is light (but it's not for me). It's created by Lasse Hoile who also did the cover art for 1-800 Vindication and Burn Me Wicked.

Click image to enlarge:

DK/NO Tour confirmed10 Jan 2011
10 new shows are confirmed in Denmark and 3 in Norway. Check the dates in the Shows section.

New album title10 Jan 2011
Our upcoming album is now entitled There is light (but it's not for me)

Drum recording is done10 Jan 2011
The recording of our upcoming album There is light (but it's not for me) has begun. Thomas finished the drum tracking at Antfarm Studio yesterday. Watch photos from the studio session here.

New show confirmed20 Dec 2010
22. April 2011 in Kristiansand, Norway

New gallery / Aalborg10 Dec 2010
New gallery from Aalborg Metal Festival is online here. Thanks to Jacob Dinesen for the photos.

New show confirmed7 Dec 2010
The first show of 2011 will be on February 26th in Dietikon, Switzerland. Tickets are available through Meh Suff!

Studio and tours6 Dec 2010
On the 8th of January we will enter the Antfarm Studio here in Aarhus with producer Tue Madsen to track our next album. Drums will be done in his swimming pool (you guessed right - there's no water in it at the moment). The new album will be different and more experimenting compared to the past few albums.

We will of course do massive touring next year not only to support our new album, but also to celebrate our 20th (!!!) anniversary. To begin with we'll have a bunch of shows (16 it seems) lined up in Denmark and Norway in April. In May we'll head south for a 2 week tour in Germany/Austria. And after that the summer festivals are coming.

That's all for now - see y'all next year!

New show confirmed2 Nov 2010
The first show of 2011 is now confirmed: 16. July @ Metal Splash Open Air (Germany)

New album next year15 Nov 2010
The songwriting for our next album is complete. We'll begin tracking the drums on January 8th 2011. It'll be released in March sometime via Massacre Records.

Aalborg Metal Festival - Gallery, review, video10 Nov 2010
Photos from Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark are online here. A review of the show is online here. Fan filmed footage from the show can be viewed below:

Photo gallery / Hatework Festival05 Nov 2010
Photos from Hatework Festival in Bucharest, Romania are online here. Thanks to Miluta Flueras for the photos.
Photo gallery / Metal Invasion Festival22 Okt 2010
Photos from Metal Invasion Festival in Passau, Germany are online here. Thanks to Hermine Clemens for the photos.

Tour cancellation14 Okt 2010
The November tour in Germany / Austria has been canceled due to reasons beyond our control (health problems at the booking agency). We apologize to our fans, the clubs and promoters. We will soon start working on a new tour instead.

New Myspace profile12 Okt 2010
Our Myspace profile has been updated and re-designed. Check it out at www.myspace.com/illdisposed

Hatework festival28 Sep 2010
On October 31st we'll play our first ever show in Romania. For further info, visit Hatework Festival

Tour in November20 Sep 2010
We're planning a 10 day headlining tour in parts of Europe 12-21 November. If your band is interested in a support slot, contact Falko / Kraft Events: bruchsteinrec@aol.com. There's a nightliner slot and a drive-yourselves slot available.

Aalborg Metal Festival10 Sep 2010
We've just confirmed Aalborg Metal Festival which takes place on the 4-6 November 2010 at Studenterhuset, Aalborg (DK)

Thomas sits out 6 shows18 Jun 2010
Thomas is forced to sit out 6 shows in June/July and will be temporarily replaced by our very good friend Morten Toft Hansen (Raunchy).
Furthermore the bookers of our upcoming mini tour along with Six Feet Under and Master failed to book a show on the 2nd of July. Unfortunately that forced us to cancel the show in Niederkrüchten on the 3rd of July.


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